Lala Ivey was born on July 14

Lala made her first ever photo session just two weeks after she turned 18, and she was far away from today’s work. Her porn career started in the middle of 2017. From the very beginning, she was trying to express her sexuality in her own way. The main thing which turns her on are situations where she is under the reflector lights in front of the camera. That gives her incredible inspiration. Her pictures could be seen on (cover) pages of various magazines.

Lately, Lala based her work on her own products. She has not one, but two websites, where you can see completely exclusive content of her. Lala is creative director of all of her products nowadays, no matter is it photos or video material. She is interested in arts, fashion, photography and dance. It is important to say that she is a gifted writer, too. You can read some of her stories on different topics on her websites.


Twitter @thelalaivey


LALA’s Candles and Oils